Our Mission

At REVARN Cybernetics our mission is to empower people and businesses worldwide with better opportunities by intelligent automation of selected workflow using pure Artificial Intelligence. Over the years we have developed an ecosystem of products that now support many business operations.

Research work that matters

We maintain a strong urge to innovate new technologies that advance state of the art Machine Intelligence.

Safety, Security and Privacy

With every emerging technology we ensure that the safety, security and privacy of an individual is kept intact.


We expose researchers to wider set of knowledge and ideas by keeping our published research works transparent and universally accessible.

Open Collaboration

We have a genuine interest in growing our user community and hence we enable deeper connections via our Community Forums.

Epic Support

Whether it be on telephone, Skype, Forum or E-mail, we ensure each and every customer inquiry receives a response ASAP.

Giving back to the community

Products and services powered by us are freely available and accessible to individual developers and non-profit organizations.

About us

We develop and power a variety of products and services that are aimed to facilitate automation of infrastructure for people and businesses worldwide.

Our collaboration with the brightest researchers helps us harness the power to push technologies to new heights. We stay committed with our vision and strategy to build great products based on our expertise in multiple fields of Artificial Intelligence.

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Framework Downloads


Community Base


Technologies and brands we power

Out of all the research work and technologies developed so far we have decided to raise the bar with the following projects this year.

Synthetic Intelligence Network

Website at Syn.co.in

The Artificial Intelligence brand of REVARN Cybernetics that engages in heavy R&D and On-Device AI centric framework development.


Website at OSCOVA.com

State-of-the-art Bot development architecture with superior Natural Language Processing and Entity Recognition capabilities.


Website at Learneva.com

Affordable and comprehensive Artificial Intelligence training course package that covers all aspects of Artificial Intelligence under a single shelter.

Synthetic Intelligence Markup Language

Website at SIMLBot.com

Release of SIML Specification 2.0 will be an essential part of our milestone that will mark the beginning of smarter Knowledge-bases.

VA Framework

Website at VAFramework.com

Digital Assistant development platform for offices and smart houses powered by Syn Bot Framework. Currently in Prototype Stage.


Website at Oryzer.com

A multi-purpose Flow-based programming platform to rapidly develop application logic for artificial intelligence related tasks.

Get in touch

We'd love to hear from you. You can either reach out to us as a whole and one of our awesome team members will get back to you, or if you have a specific question reach out to one of our staff. We love getting email all day all day!

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